3 Best Chrome Extensions for US Netflix in UK [Oct. 2021]

Are you an avid streamer, who needs to change regions frequently to access different Netflix Libraries? Well, in that case, direct browser Chrome Extension for US Netflix will come in handy rather than connecting via the client software.

The use of extension makes it really snappy to connect or disconnect the VPN, while giving you various options right on your browser. This makes a lot of things simple and saves lots of time as well.

Our Recommended Extension for US Netflix

Here is our list of Chrome extensions to get American Netflix in the UK, in just a few clicks!

1. ExpressVPN Chrome Extension

ExpressVPN fastest Chrome Extension for US Netflix

Now comes the most prominent and biggest player of the VPN industry, ExpressVPN Chrome extension is also pretty easy to use and provides a simple layout for the user.

ExpressVPN is the fastest service out there, so you can be sure to get the best streaming experience with ExpressVPN.

The ExpressVPN Chrome extension has a pretty neat UI and not over layered with junk, it’s simple and puts everything important in front of you.

Expressvpn Chrome Extension

Here is the Setup Video tutorial for ExpressVPN Chrome Extension:

2. PureVPN Chrome Extension

PureVPN Best Chrome Extension for US Netflix

The PureVPN extension provides you with quick access to the service, you can easily select the country you want to connect to. Just select the country and click on connect!

It even has a dedicated dashboard for streaming services, which lets you connect to various streaming platforms with just one click. Making it the best American Netflix chrome extension of our list.

Channels in PureVPN Chrome Extension

Unblock American Netflix with PureVPN ExtensionOur Top Recommendation for Netflix

Here is the Setup Video tutorial for PureVPN Chrome Extension:

3. Surfshark Chrome Extension

Surfshark Best Chrome Extension for American Netflix

The Surfshark Chrome extension makes it really convenient to connect to a VPN server, especially while you’re surfing online and come across geo-restricted websites or just simply want to watch UK Netflix.

The extension is by far the snappiest I’ve ever used, it allows the user to change settings as well and offers the Clean Web option, which protects you from unwanted ads.

Surfshark Chrom Extension

Extensions for Other Browsers

Our top recommended VPN providers have extensions on Chrome, now let’s check out which other browsers have the support for us Netflix.

Mozilla Firefox✅ YES✅ YES✅ YES
Opera✅ YES✅ YES❌NO
Safari❌NO✅ YES❌NO
Internet Explorer(Edge)✅ YES✅ YES✅ YES