How to Get American Netflix IP Address from anywhere in 2021?

Last updated: October 1, 2021 by Eddie Childs

How to Get an American Netflix IP Address

Many online streamers complain about the unreachability of the US-based streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube TV, Disney+. BBC iPlayer, HBO, etc.

If you are staying outside the US region, such services will be unreachable to you. Fortunately, these regional limitations can be bypassed with a quick and reliable solution.

If you need to Access American Netflix, consider getting an American Netflix IP address from the UK or anywhere. This is because the providers use geo-blocking techniques to protect their content rights.

How to Get an American Netflix IP Address in 2021?

Viewers living outside the United States are unable to access US regional news, movies, TV shows, sports events, business updates, and social networking sites.

Following the four simple steps will enable you to get an American IP address. After that, you can access all your favorite American content and information from anywhere in 2021

Simple Four Steps to Bypass Providers Regional Restrictions

Using a VPN connection will change your actual IP address and assign a new US-based IP address to unblock American Netflix from anywhere.

Here are the quick four steps for you to follow in 2021!

  1. Subscribe to a stable VPN like “ExpressVPN”
  2. Download a relevant VPN app
  3. Connect to the United States server
  4. Open Netflix and enjoy the US content!

ExpressVPN playing US Netflix

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Further, this US-based IP address will enable you to change your Netflix region from the UK to America or another if you want to explore other Netflix libraries like Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, or another.

Besides this, you can unblock tons of other Netflix content by applying its secret codes to unveil binge-worthy hidden categories.

How do VPNs work in the UK?

A VPN works by setting up an internet connection for your device by choosing a private VPN server instead of your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

This helps you to transfer data to the Internet, as it appears directly on the VPN instead of your computer or another streaming device.

Resultantly, it hides your actual online location and assigns a new IP address based on the connecting server. For instance, if you will connect with a United States VPN server, then you will get an American IP address.

American Netflix IP Address: FAQs

The above guide will help all those streamers who want to get an American Netflix IP address from countries like the UK, Canada, or another to stream American videos.

🔄Can I change my Netflix region to Japan from the UK?

Ir is obvious with a VPN connection to change your Netflix region to the desired one like Japan, America, or another. You simply need to connect one of its VPN servers with the targeted region and enjoy a different Netflix from anywhere.

  🗽What are the quick steps to get American Netflix IP addresses from anywhere?

If you want to stream American Netflix from countries other than the United States; you will need a trusted VPN. Following are the quick steps to get an American Netflix IP address from anywhere.

  1. Signup to a VPN service
  2. Download a needed VPN app
  3. Connect one of its servers to the United States using a downloaded app
  4. Visit Netflix to enjoy American content from anywhere

  🔎Can I use Free VPNs to get an American IP address?

If you want stable streaming then always consider a reliable connection like ExpressVPN which is paid. However, free VPNs come with limited streaming speed, outdated features, buffering, and annoying ads.

Wrapping Up

If you are a fan of American Netflix and living outside the US region, you will need a VPN to get American Netflix IP address to access its shows and movies from anywhere.

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