How to resolve Netflix “Error U7111-5070?”

Last updated: October 1, 2021 by Eddie Childs

How to solve Error U7111-5070

If your Netflix is troubleshooting and you are viewing “error U7111-5070″ on the screen. It means Netflix is assuming you are underage to see that particular content. It is usually accompanied by the following message.

error message

If you also find this error asking you to verify your age, it’s easy to fix it. It simply means that you have created your Netflix account in a place where you must be at a mature age to view adult content.

To remove this error, visit age to ensure you’re not too young to watch mature content and start enjoying the desired titles.

5 Most Common Netflix errors with solution

It is no wonder that you see a Netflix error code while hitting on the play button. However, the real challenge is, you should quickly solve such issues to continue streaming your favorite TV shows/movies.

Here are the five most common streaming errors on the Netflix platform.

1. Netflix error code 22004

When you are tempted to watch a TV show or a movie and rush to hit on the play button but you receive a message that this content is not available in your area, you get frustrated.

Fortunately, there is a reliable way to unblock such titles so you can continue seeing them during traveling outside your region or anywhere on this earth.

If you also see the following error message on your screen; use a VPN connection to unblock such videos while staying anywhere in this world.

Error Message:

22004 error message

Quick Steps to Unblock Unavailable Videos anywhere

If you’re wondering how to unblock such titles then consider applying the given steps to start enjoying your favorite Tv shows and videos from any part of the world.

Let’s try to unblock American Netflix in the UK.

  1. Sign Up for a stable VPN like “ExpressVPN
  2. Launch a relevant VPN application after downloading
  3. Connect your VPN location in the United States
  4. Open Netflix and start enjoying American Netflix in the UK!

ExpressVPN playing Nightbooks

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2. Netflix Error Code NW 2-5

This error has often displayed a message like, “Netflix encountered an error. Retry in X seconds. ”This error code indicates an internet connection problem.

To fix this error, make sure your device is connected to the Internet. If you are using Wi-Fi, try upgrading your device connection or switching to ethernet.

Remarkably, many Netflix error codes starting with NW indicate network problems. Therefore, if you see an error starting with NW, you should immediately check the stability of your internet connection.

3. Netflix Error Code 100

This error code is related to users of iPhones, iPods, Apple TVs. It has often displayed a message like, “Sorry we could not access the Netflix service (-100).”

It indicates a problem with Netflix data stored on your device or in the Netflix application itself. You can quickly fix this error code by simply updating Netflix data on your streaming device.

4. UKNWN Netflix Error Code

It is the most frequent error that often occurs. It has often displayed a message like, “You cannot access these titles at this time. Try again later.”

This error code indicates that you must update the device’s information, so it will be more than enough for you to log in and log out again to prompt it to work correctly.

5. Netflix Error TVP-801

It reflects a problem with network connectivity when accessing Netflix videos. It can happen on your Smart TV or other devices.
To solve this error, say if you have a problem with the television, first visit and sign in. Then, continue to check for existing errors and work with streaming again later.

Error U7111-5070: FAQs

Here are the frequently asked questions with answers relevant to Netflix error U7111-5070.

🌎What are important steps to solve Netflix errors?

If your Netflix is troubleshooting for accessing TV shows and movies; you should try following important steps to solve Netflix issues.

  • Check your internet connection stability
  • Play a different TV show/movie
  • Clear Netflix cookies data
  • Restart your streaming device
  • Delete the Netflix app and reinstall it

🔄How can I verify my age on Netflix?

If you see a Netflix error code U7111-5070, you must verify your age at to access the mature TV shows and movies.

🗽What is Netflix error code S7706?

It usually occurs on Mac computers that means you need to update your browser settings because there is some old data stored on your browser.

Wrapping Up

Netflix is a powerful streaming site that offers tons of TV shows and movies. However, if you see a Netflix error code while playing a title, calm down and try the above solutions mentioned in this guide to solve them and start enjoying.

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