How to order Netflix DVDs in 2021? [Oct. Updated]

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How to order Netflix DVDs

Netflix started its service in the late 1990s by providing DVDs to viewers’ homes around the United States. It becomes so demanding and less than a decade later, it was operating an online streaming service.

Now, Netflix is a streaming king globally. However, you can still rent DVDs and Blu-rays using Netflix. So if you don’t know “how to order Netflix DVDs,” you’ve come to the right place to get a piece of the right information.

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Can I Order all the TV Shows and Movies in DVD format?

You can’t get all the movies and TV shows in DVD format, and a few are available in Blu-ray format. In contrast, there are other shows and movies available only on DVD subscriptions.

The company is still earning a healthy share of disk rentals. The only thing is, viewers need to add more budget if they want to order Netflix DVDs. So it will cost you differently outside of your Netflix streaming plan.

How can I order Netflix DVDs?

To order a DVD on Netflix, you need to sign up for the appropriate Netflix DVD subscription. The provider offers you two DVD subscriptions that can be added to your Netflix account.

1. Standard Netflix DVD subscription

Allows one disk rental for $7.99 per month. If you want to add Blu-rays, it will cost you $ 9.99 / month. However; you cannot have a choice of the entire Netflix library for ordering a DVD of TV shows/movies.

2. Premier Netflix DVD Subscription

Allows you to rent two disks at a time for $11.99 per month. If you want to add Blu-rays with his package. It will cost you $14.99 / month.

How can I Sign Up for the Netflix DVD plan?

If you are the one who wants to order Netflix DVDs, then you should Sign Up for the Netflix DVD plan by considering the following steps.

  1. Open DVD Netflix
  2. Hit on the “Join for a free month” tab

Try Free DVD Netflix

3. Subscribe to a needed DVD plan

DVD Plan

4.Select the empty box to add a Blu-ray format (if required)

Blu Ray

5. Hit on the “Get Started” button

6. Create a Netflix DVD account by typing required details

Create account

7. Type your valid shipping address and click on “Continue”

8. Enter payment details then hit on “Start Membership”

On the expiration of your free trial, the payment method you use to pay Netflix will start to be charged via the DVD program.

Once you order a DVD, it will arrive in one to three days. After that, you can keep a disc (or discs) as long as you like, without any late payments. Once you have sent the disc back, the next DVD in your line will be sent to you.

Can I Sign up for the Netflix DVD plan after cancellation?

When you cancel your Netflix DVD service, your data remain for 10 months if you decide to open your Netflix DVD account again.

  1. Sign in to DVD Netflix or PC or Netflix mobile app
  2. Click on “Account”
  3. When using the app, Click More> Account
  4. Click on “Plan Details” and then “Cancel DVD plan”
  5. Check the box after “Continue canceling,” then select “Continue”
  6. Select “Yes, cancel my account”
  7. Select “Done” and start enjoying

How to Select Netflix DVDs?

Netflix automatically mails you DVDs based on your interest. It will gauge what you have added to your “Personal Queue.” The order you receive is based on the order in which they are placed online.

You can also explore the titles by searching by name, people, or genre. There is also a Browse menu to find popular movies, new releases, and top 100 Netflix titles.

Once you have returned the rental DVD, the next TV show or a movie on the list is sent, and so on. Let’s see, how you can add TV shows and movies to your Netflix DVD line if you are using a PC.

  1.  Click on the “Add” or “Add to Queue” tab
  2. Click on the “Add All to Queue” if you want a complete series of a TV show
  3. Create your queue by clicking on the “QUEUE” menu at the top of the site to select the order of your DVDs

If you are using a mobile app of iOS or Android. You can quickly manage the DVD Netflix queue from your device. You just need to click on the plus sign to add a movie or a TV show to the queue.

After that, click the disc icon at the top right corner to edit the order of your DVDs. You can also remove DVDs in case you think the sequence should be in a different way.

How to order Netflix DVDs: FAQs

There are many Netflix members who still use the Netflix DVD rental service for watching a few TV shows/movies.  Following are some additional questions with answers relevant to “how to order Netflix DVDs”:

🗽Does Netflix sell DVDs for their TV shows and movies?

Yes, you can purchase Netflix originals, TV shows, and movies on DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Unlike the Netflix movies, Netflix releases its most popular TV shows on DVD.

🙋‍♂️How Can You Return Netflix DVD?

It is easy to return rental DVDs to Netflix. Just put the disc in the sleeves and the envelope that comes with it when you find it, and put it in your mailbox or drop it in the local post office.

🔄How to cancel a DVD Netflix plan?

You can leave the DVD Netflix program at any time to stop receiving DVDs from Netflix. Importantly, if you cancel a Netflix DVD subscription, a separate subscription will not affect your Netflix streaming system in any way.


Ordering Netflix DVDs for watching TV shows and movies; you need to create an account on DVD Netflix. Despite this; if you think differently with a wide range of TV shows and movies; consider watching American Netflix anywhere with the help of a reliable VPN.

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