How to View Your Netflix Plan and Monthly Cost – [Streaming 2021]

Last updated: October 1, 2021 by Eddie Childs

How to share plan and monthly cost on Netflix

Many binge-watchers agree that Netflix is an important component of the entertainment landscape. It has tons of award-winning TV shows, movies, and interest holding Netflix originals available in its extensive libraries.

Netflix, like its competitors, offers several subscription packages with varying prices and features. If you are already a Netflix user and exploring “how to view your plan and monthly cost,” – you have landed at the right blog.

Netflix still allows customers in the United States to order DVD and Blu-ray discs via mail. However, if you wish to enjoy American content in your region, you need a VPN connection.

Baby Steps to Stream American Netflix from another Country

Netflix has a unique library in each country. It means, you have an open invitation to access a few unique titles for watching TV shows and movies, that are unavailable in your region.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to stream another country’s Netflix from your staying location.

  1. Sign up for the best VPN like ExpressVPN
  2. Download a relevant VPN application
  3. Connect one of VPN servers located in the United States or in a required country
  4. Open Netflix and start enjoying American content!

ExpressVPN streaming on American Netflix

Watch Netflix with a VPN$6.67/mo on a 1-yr plan + 3-months free

Viewing Netflix Plan and Monthly Cost

It is an easy going target to view your Netflix plan and monthly cost; if you are a Netflix user. Consider applying the easy steps given below:

  1. Sign in into your Netflix account
  2. Click on “Account” under your profile icon at the top right corner
  3. See your current plan details
  4. Click on the “Billing detail” available at the right side

Netflix account window

After opening the billing details, you will be able to see your Netflix plan, monthly cost, and billing history with utilized payment method on the streaming king.

Billing details

Besides this; you can anytime change your Netflix plan without paying any additional charges. As you can see from the above screenshot, I have subscribed in a region where Netflix is comparatively cheaper.

To avail an economical Netflix package, you need to connect your VPN server in a region where it is more affordable and buy a suitable plan.

How to Change a Netflix plan?

You can quickly adapt your Netflix plan. Move your cursor to the top right menu to open the “Account” window under your profile icon after signing in to the Netflix account.

After that, scroll down and stay on “Plan details”. Click on the option “Change plan”, available at the right side. A new window will open, providing details of all available plans.

Change plan

Finally, pick a suitable plan from the options “Change Streaming Plan” and press continue for switching to a new Netflix plan according to your own streaming preference.

Change streaming plan

How to view your plan and monthly cost: FAQs

Netflix has different subscriptions that offer various features. Here are a few frequently asked questions with answers relevant to “how to view your Netflix and monthly cost.”

🌎How much does it cost to watch Netflix monthly?

You will have three different choices to choose from a Netflix subscription.

  • Basic Plan $ 5.99 per month Cheap membership allows subscribers to view one device at a time in the standard definition quality.
  • Standard Plan £ 9.99 per month – Viewers can watch unlimited TV shows and movies in HD quality. Users can stream two devices simultaneously.
  • Premium Plan £ 13.99 per month – Viewers can stream Ultra HD quality for watching unlimited TV shows and movies. It allows users to stream Netflix content from four different devices at a time.

🔄How can I get cheaper Netflix in my country?

First, look for a Netflix region where it offers economical plans. Secondly, you connect your online server location in that particular region by using a VPN connection and buy an economical plan.

🗽Can I stream Netflix for free?

Netflix has ended its free trial offer in many parts of the world. Therefore, almost no way to watch Netflix for free. However, there a few regions where Netflix still offers its 30-days trial offer. You can connect your VPN location to those regions and start enjoying free Netflix for 30-days.

Wrapping Up

Netflix is a binge-worthy streaming site for availing of excellent entertainment. Its interface is simple to use that anyone can simply click and perform the required action like “how to view your plan and monthly cost on Netflix”.

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