Is it legal to watch US Netflix in UK?

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The most common reason people buy a VPN service is to view another region’s Netflix content, but is it legal to watch US Netflix in UK or from anywhere?

Can you get into trouble? Will your account be terminated? These are all critical questions to confirm before viewing geo-blocked content on streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

The one straight answer to all these questions is “Yes” it is a legal technique to see American Netflix in UK or anywhere.

On the other side, Netflix content is constantly changing. Most of its movies and shows are added while others are removed due to copyright and licensing bindings.

Therefore, much of its programs are only available in selected countries – such as Netflix in the US. Additionally, there is a clear difference between Netflix US and the UK.

That may not seem right, but there is a solution that allows you to stream anything you like from any region of Netflix, as long as you sign up for the best geo-spoofing service.

Certainly, not all VPNs work with Netflix unlocking. Only the best services can do it through obstacles.

How to Watch US Netflix from anywhere?

The reliable method to get US Netflix in the UK or from anywhere is to use a capable VPN. They are designed to make your internet connection more secure and confidential.

With the added advantage, they can make it visible to any website or streaming service you live in in a particular country, even if your actual location thousands of miles away.

To open American content through Netflix is easy. All you need is to connect one of its servers in the United States via a VPN app. It will assign you a US-based IP address and conceals your actual location.

Resultantly, you will be able to stream the US library while staying anywhere in the world. Apart from this, you can access thousands of its hidden categories through applying Netflix secret codes.

Steps to Get American Netflix from the UK in 2021

Using a VPN for opening geo-restricted content is amazingly simple. Start applying the following quick and easy steps given below:

1. Use a trusted VPN connection. We recommend an ExpressVPN

2. Select “United States” through downloading/Installing a needed VPN app (Android/iOS/Windows)

3. Hit the “Connect” button

4. Open the Netflix site. You will be happy to see all American content is available on your device screen. Start enjoying!



Get American Netflix in UK with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation for US Netflix

Besides this, individuals can change their Netflix region to watch all best movies on US library. Further, you can also use best chrome extension to access a geo-restricted streaming content.

Can I face Legal action or get into Trouble for using a Netflix VPN?

Legally, no. People often mistake using a VPN via Netflix as a scam, but access to a client list of provider countries is very different from moving a copyrighted property.

It is not illegal in any way and, as of present, will not lead to criminal or legal proceedings anywhere in the UK or other parts of the world.

Technically, it violates the terms of service of the platform, and Netflix reserves the right to limit access at any time but has never enforced these rules.

In case if you come up with a streaming error for viewing a particular program. Here you need to switch to another available server location to continue seeing the same content without any hindrance.

How does Netflix detect VPNs?

This streaming giant maintains a list of IP addresses known as VPN providers. Suppose the IP address of a server you use to access Netflix is ​​on that list.

In that case, Netflix will allow you to sign in to your account but will prevent the content from actually being played, and you will see a following streaming error, warning instead.


In parallel, the interesting part is, if your IP address for VPN servers is not on that list, Netflix will take your virtual IP address at face value and stream the content according to your VPN server location.

It does not use the country where your account is registered or your device details, such as device ID or geolocation data or where you are staying, to verify your location.

Is it violating the Netflix terms and conditions?

Yes. Nothing to worry about these violations because Netflix does not close accounts for this reason, even if the VPN is used frequently. After all, allowing paying users to open content via VPN is better than losing them as customers altogether.

On VPN detection for bypassing regional-restricted content, the app will display the same above error message, and you will not be able to view any content until you disconnect the VPN.

To continue watching the same programs, simply connect with another server location in a targeted region.

Lastly, a well performing VPN has good customer ratings on famous platforms like Trustpilot, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store.

Is it legal to watch US Netflix in UK: FAQs


How Can I See US Netflix in the UK?

It is quite simple to access American content while saying in the UK. Here are quick working steps in 2021:

1. Sign up for Netflix-compatible VPN like ExpressVPN

2. Download Its relevant VPN app

3. Connect to a US VPN server.

Now you can enjoy all US shows from the UK.


Is VPN use legal in the UK?

VPNs are completely legal in the UK. It is also contributing to improving the security of an internet connection in a digital surrounding.

You can also use one to go beyond the limited usage like streaming and navigation services.


Which UK VPN is the best?

There are many VPN providers that claim to access geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, Sling TV, and many others. In actual, only a few service providers successfully achieve this functioning.

It is important to evaluate necessary factors like servers count, customer support, money-back guarantee, devices connections, capability of content unlocking, speed, and consistency.


Final Thoughts:

Netflix has tons of unique content, but much of it is geo-restricted like the US. Using a reliable VPN service will allow you to stream this restricted content in the UK or anywhere else on this planet.

However, the service provider can block you if you use a VPN, but you won’t get into trouble with trying it, you won’t get your Netflix account cancelled, and it certainly isn’t in any way illegal at all!

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