Is VPN illegal in the UK?

Last updated: June 1, 2021 by Eddie Childs

Is VPN illegal in the UK

VPN is a widely used tool in the world for variety of purposes such as to unblock geo-restricted streaming sites, digital security, secure data sharing in an online world, and many others.

People in the UK are using it commonly to circumvent geo-limits for video content viewing outside of their nation to see content like American Netflix in the UK, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc.

As these are geo-restricted sites, so individuals are critically verifying Is VPN illegal in the UK?

Legal Perspective in the UK

Using the VPN service is completely safe in the UK because there is no recorded law on its ban.  This can be also verified through visiting a renowned digital forum.

Besides this, there is not a single case for any fine penalty or punishment for its usage.

However, its connection add extra layer of security (AES-256-bit) to online users browsing at office, home or while traveling.  As Western democracy progresses, the United Kingdom receives bad marks on Internet freedom.

Therefore, using this tool for hacking, or any other phishing attempts can lead to legal complications because it is against the law.

The laws make it easier for the government to look after the people.

In November 2016 the British public rebelled against the Inquisition Act, which authorized the observance of all citizens without the slightest observation. This means that your online activities are now under intense scrutiny by reputable government agencies.

Let’s make one thing straight and clear that its not illegal in the UK at all because many people perceive this as illegal because it hides the user actual location and make them appear online from another targeted location. This is a wrong concept, so stay cool and keep benefiting!

Lastly, some countries ban VPN itself like China, Turkey, Russia, Iran, etc. Hence using its connection in these countries is not good at all and it is better to consider government approved services.

Why to use a VPN in the UK?

Here are many reasons to use a VPN in the United Kingdom, be it access to geo-restricted content such as US Netflix in the UK or BBC iPlayer when traveling outside the UK.

It is also popular to protect the privacy of Internet users from hackers, Internet providers, advertisers or governments of interest.

It has various usages but here we will discuss its three amazing benefits:

1. Defeat Censorship

Anyone can stream their favourite sites like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, etc. regardless the service or content is not available in the residing area.

All you need is to just connect one of its global servers with a desired location and kick-off watching best shows, movies, from any where.

2. Stay Private

Using its connection will encrypt all your online traffic and no one can steal the business or personal information. Further, it protects from all cyber-attacks and third parties spying actions.

3. Compatible with Smart Devices

This is a digital era where technology is also evolving rapidly. Fortunately, it does not impose the use of a particular operating system or a device for its functioning.

Appreciatively, it support streaming on Android, iOS, Smartphones, Apple TV, Firestick, Gaming consoles, and other major market devices.

Moreover, people can stream through using a Google Chrome Extension.

How to Watch US Netflix in the UK

A trusted virtual network (VPN) is a powerful solution to this requirement. Allows you to easily access American library without revealing the truth to your ISP, government, or anyone else.

This means, it will hide your actual location and assigns a new US based IP address. As a result, you will be visible online from inside the United States.

To understand its process, let’s look at the simple steps given below and give them a try!

1. Utilize a trusted VPN connection. We recommend ExpressVPN because we run several tests on it

2. Download/Install a relevant VPN app to find its United States based server location (From locations menu)

3. Hit the “Connect” tab

4. Open the Netflix official site. Start enjoying all US content in the UK!

ExpressVPN Streaming Super Girl on US Netflix

Watch American Netflix in the UKSubscribe to ExpressVPN Now!

On the Contrary, if you have not subscribed to a Netflix service then check its cost here!

How do I set up a VPN?

Most VPN applications have a vast and useful unlock button that you will be able to click to enable automatic protection immediately.

If so, you don’t have to worry about any particular option. The system will connect to the most accessible server, and your connection will be automatically protected. A piece of cake, isn’t it?

However, if you have specific location-related needs and/or services, you will want to specify particular options in the settings

No matter how hard that sounds, the fact is that VPN providers have come a long way in becoming tech-savvy tools, and most of them now have pre-set profiles to meet their interest.

If you are searching how to connect with a different world? Just go to the server list and select the one found in the country you are interested in and hit the connect tab, that’s it!

Lastly, start exploring in a world authentic search engine to expand your reserach about it.

Is VPN illegal in the UK: FAQs

Can American Netflix be seen in the UK through using a VPN?

Yes, its a perfect tool to unlock United States library. The process is quiet simple and practical.

Start downloading a needed VPN app like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. and find one of its server that is available in the United States.

Finally, click on the “Connect” button o enjoy seamlessly from anywhere in the world.


Is it against law in the UK to use a VPN?

It’s completely safe to use a VPN. Yes, it is legal in the United Kingdom. There is no recorded document or a law that can stop or prevent you from doing so.

To better protect your online and anonymous privacy, simply choose its server outside the UK.


Can Netflix suspend a membership account for using a VPN?

Netflix team is working tirelessly in detecting such users; this a true news.

However, there is nothing to worry about it, if anyone is caught using a VPN to bypass its restrictions, Netflix never suspends or bans that member. It simply gives a streaming error and a particular show can be stopped at that moment.

In such situations, again you need to apply the same trick by switching to another server location that should be US bases.  In this way, you will continue viewing your same show uninterrupted.


Can VPNs be tracked?

If you use a VPN, your IP address is changed and your internet activity is encrypted, so you will not be able to be tracked. Some Internet service providers (ISPs) or websites do not know that you are using a VPN, but they cannot see your real work online. 

Therefore, you should use a VPN to reduce your chances of being tracked online.



Using a VPN in the UK is a safe choice but remember all services are not equal, so consider using the best one only for proper functioning. Lastly, anyone can watch US Netflix in the UK, all they need is to connect its server location in the targeted region via this inspiring tool.

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