Netflix UK Catalogue: What Programmes are on Netflix UK?

Last updated: October 1, 2021 by Eddie Childs

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Netflix UK is ranked in the top 5 libraries of the world. It enjoys a distinctive image through providing excellent content of Originals, British sitcoms, impressive Movies, TV series, documentaries, anime, etc.

Currently; Netflix UK Catalogue has 6,301 available films and TV series, across all popular genres such as Action & Adventure, Children & Family, Comedies, Drama, Horror, Romance, Sports, News, British shows, with much more diversified content to explore in it.

Due to a broad range of content available in the UK catalogue; there is always something new and enticing for everyone to watch the mixed bag of content by beating the quality because it is going beyond viewers expectations.

All of its fans community; just need to keep an eye for updated knowledge about its library so they can plan the holidays or weekends for spending quality time on the screens.

Besides this UK Netflix hosts a huge amount of content for worth binge-watching through various appealing genres and its full catalogue can be seen here to shortlist and prepare one’s own preferred watch list.

If you are on the lookout for worthy content; then keep scrolling down to satisfy your temptation in 2021 for sure.

Top 5 TV Programs on UK Netflix

Here is a list of the top 5 TV programs you can watch on the UK version of Netflix, which will keep you hooked to the television screen at all times!



This is one of the most demanding American comedy drama television series available on the Netflix UK catalogue. The series grabs a noticeable attention from global communities, based on romantic feelings for a woman.

2. 100 Humans


This program is well known for airing unique content based on one hundred hardy souls who came from different backgrounds and participated in playful experiments for exploring happiness, sex, age, and other aspects of being human.

3.  13 Reasons Why


This an American teen drama focused on a high school student who faced heart breaking mysteries set in motion by a friend’s tragic suicide.

4. 7 Seeds


7 SEEDS is a Japanese series based on the five young adult groups who struggle for the survival of humanity on changed earth. The content is suitable for age groups of 15 and above.

5. 3%


The 3% is a Netflix Original Brazilian thriller series and is teased with the text “You get one chance to join the 3% saved from squalor”.

Top 5 Action/Adventure Content on UK Netflix

Looking for some amazing Action/Adventure content on the UK version of Netflix? Check out this list for recommendations for an amazing binge-watching!

1. The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

The story is based on a corrupt General who spread terrorisms among the family members and occupies the village. As a revenge; the hero leaves home to get the training of ancient arts fighting.

2. The 12th Man

The 12th MAN

The 12th MAN is a reality-based content in a victim struggle to reach a safe place after escaping a Nazi attack during World War II.

3. 12 Strong

12 Strong

This is an American action war film inspired by a true story of the House Soldiers, earned business of $ 46.7 million in the United States and Canada, and 24.1 million in other territories that makes a total of $ 70.8 million worldwide according to an authenticated resource.

4. 9


9 is a gorgeously animated and fun watching movie where Elijah Wood springs to life and sees itself in a post-apocalyptic world where humans no longer exist and only signs of life are sentient rag dolls like itself and the machines that hunt them.

5. The 4th Company

the 4th company

A young inmate in a Mexican prison finds solace in joining the prison of a football team, though he soon learns that the players double as enforcers for a violent gang.

Top 5 Movies on the UK Netflix

Want to learn about the top 5 movies on the UK Netflix that most locals are watching and hooked onto? Check out this list for information!

1. 10 Cloverfield Lane


The story depicts after surviving a car accident, a woman finds herself in an underground bunker with two men and it goes further with an interesting story.

2. The 101 Year Old Man

the 101 year old man

Desperate for money, an eccentric old spy and his younger octogenarian partner go on a quest for a very valuable Soviet soda formula that takes them all over the world.

3. 1000 Rupee Note

1000 Rupee Note

After randomly receiving a handsome political bribe, a sweet, poor elderly woman decides to treat herself to a shopping spree, which doesn’t go smoothly.

4. 13TH


The film is based on a serious topic that explores the history of racial inequality in the United States, highlighting the true picture of prisons.


18 presents

A pregnant mother with terminal cancer leaves behind 18 sentimental gifts for her unborn daughter to receive every birthday until she reaches womanhood.

How to Watch UK Netflix from Another country

It is very simple to access UK Netflix while staying outside the UK or from anywhere in the world through the use of a reliable VPN connection. Follow the below easy steps to know about it:

1. Sign up for any best VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN

2. Download and Install the relevant app as per user device

3. Connect the server based in the United Kingdom

4. Visit the Official site of Netflix

5. Enjoy watching UK Netflix from anywhere

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List of UK’s Netflix Content to Binge-Watch


Netflix UK Catalogue: FAQs

When it comes to exploring the Netflix UK Catalogue, you may find yourself looking for suggestions or answers to questions, so here’s some common queries and their solutions:

How can I get a Full Catalogue for UK Netflix?

Full catalogue can be availed through various ways. Once you are a Netflix member; then you can approach their active customer support department for the requirement. Furthermore; you can check the Full Catalogue for UK Netflix here.

How can I search for a particular show on Netflix UK?

Netflix is a streaming king that provides a user-friendly interface for its viewers. Therefore; you simply need to click on the Search bar and type the name of desired content like “Lupin” and hit the search icon button to get the wanted result.

What kind of shows can be seen on the UK Netflix?

The library of UK Netflix is versatile and hosts a huge variety of mixed content across different genres to satisfy the needs of everyone on this planet. The content is amazing and readily available on the given titles:

  • TV programs
  • Movies
  • British content
  • Crime Films
  • Children & Family
  • Cult films
  • Documentaries
  • Comedy
  • Gay & Lesbian
  • Horror
  • Independent
  • Musicals
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Sports Films

Which country has the best Netflix?

Can I see US Netflix while staying in another country?

Fortunately; the answer is yes through the use of a reliable VPN service. You just need to connect its server location based in the United States from the VPN app menu and it’s done to watch favourite US content like Bridgerton, Dead to ME, etc. from anywhere.

Wrapping Up

The content of UK Netflix is inspiring and hosts a huge range of mixed titles which is enough for everyone to spend quality time with the screens; but individuals have to prepare a preferred watch list through shortlisting.

However; all of us have an open choice to watch UK Netflix or any other popular library like the US Netflix from anywhere; all they need is a reliable VPN connection which guarantees to unlock the geo-restricted content.

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