What latest Films are on Netflix US but not on UK in 2021?

Last updated: May 3, 2021 by Eddie Childs

What films are on Netflix us but not UK

Netflix’s popularity has reached new heights in recent years. The US-based video streaming service has the perfect combination of accessibility and diversity for aspiring consumers.

The content distributor, however, consistently restricts certain movies and TV shows in certain countries, which can only be obtained from abroad through using a geo-spoofing tool.

If you are wondering what films are available on US Netflix but not on UK . Let me share this is one of the best place for you. Fortunately, we have identified an effective method to Watch American Netflix from anywhere in this universe.

The licensing agreements and old business deals are imposing these streaming restrictions on many countries including the UK. This is also a result of copyright matters with the production houses.

Apart from this, if anyone is still missing the Netflix membership then see the details of its cost in the UK  as its recent stats are skyrocketing.

Can I See American Netflix in the UK?

Fortunately, it’s easy to see American Netflix in the UK, or elsewhere for that matter, with just a few clicks. A VPN redirects your Internet connection through a secondary server and gives you an IP address from the US location.

Because you will choose a VPN server location that is available in the United States through using a relevant VPN app. This is an inspiring geo-spoofing tool giving you US content access easily.

In parallel, always consider a compatible VPN. However, not all VPNs work with US Netflix.

Quick Steps to Watch US Netflix in the UK – 100% Workable Method

If individuals want to watch a movie or TV show that is not available in the UK – check out below steps for American Netflix access to see them in any region.

1. Use a compatible VPN. We recommend an ExpressVPN

2. Select a US based server from locations menu through downloading a needed VPN app (Window/Android/iOS)

3. Click on “Connect” tab

4. Open Netflix site, you will be automatically redirected to the US library. Start enjoying all American movies and shows from UK!

ExpressVPN playing The BFG on US Netflix

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Besides this, Netflix US and UK has clear differences in their streaming libraries. To know about it, click here!

Exclusive Streaming Movies on US Netflix in 2021

The American library is famous for finest films and TV shows as compared to UK. On the other side this library is much bigger than the UK and has a huge fans community in the US alone.

Besides this; this streaming library is also a great source for achieving international exposure with entertainment. Here are binge-worthy films that can be streamed exclusively on the US Netflix in 2021.

1. The BFG


Its a complete family film is based on moral books. The young orphan meets a kind giant who is supposed to eat him but instead protects him from other fearsome giants who threaten both of them.

Furthermore, to know about ExpressVPN, read this source.

2. Just in Time

Just in Time

A careful clerk at a newly closed bookstore finds himself caring for his wise 11-year-old cousin’s daughter. This is one of the interesting African comedies to be glued with the screens.

The movie turns into different practical situations that keep holding the interest in every moment.

3. Carsi Pazar

Carsi Pazar

The owner of a public bathroom slacker meets with his community to save it when a significant builder comes to town to close it and open a new shopping mall.

This short time has never been successful. But to save everyone’s businesses, he would love to bath the wealthy businessman. This is an inspiring Turkish film close to practical life available for watching on the US Netflix.

4. Love Alarm

Love Alarm

Unlike her friends, Kim Jojo has more stress on her mind than dating. When she returns from overseas, Huwang Sunoh goes to see Lee Hye-yeong.

In a world where the app warns people when someone close to them loves them, Kim Jojo encounters little love while dealing with personal problems.

5. Rich in Love

Rich in Love

It is an affectionate Brazilian romantic film wit beautiful moments. He is the heir to the tomato kingdom. He is single and lives a dream life. But he blew a big change.

6. The Block Island Sound

The Block Island Sound

On the island, the fisherman’s family is confronted with horror and dark realities as terrifying forces begin to kill wildlife and endanger their own lives.

7. All I Wish

All I Wish

Availing a second chance at true love is rare. Senna has one. The question is: Will this hit her again?. However, true love happens once only.

8. Yes Day

Yes Day

Ice Cream for breakfast? Certainly. Wars of water balloons. Why not? Today they say yes to entertainment but with a few basic rules.

Other 30 Binge-worthy Films/TV Shows on US Netflix

American library offer a vast variety of films and TV shows. Some of its top videos are listed below so people can get the best value of streaming in 2021.

  1. An Idiot Abroad
  2. The Walking Dead
  3. New Girl
  4. The Good Place
  5. Frasier
  6. Parks and Recreation
  7. Good Girls
  8. Futurama
  9. Ginny & Georgia
  10. Sex and the City 2
  11. Trainspotting
  12. Family Guy
  13. Skyfall
  14. The West Wing
  15. The Davinci Code
  16. Rain Man
  17. The Dark Knight
  18. Sherlock Holmes
  19. Parker
  20. Inception
  21. El Camino
  22. DJango
  23. I am Legend
  24. Enol Holmes
  25. I Care A Lot
  26. About Time
  27. Ghost Rider
  28. Seventh Son
  29. Horns
  30. The Space Between Us

Therefore, it distributes a broad range of mixed titles. One should explore in their free time through matching the best content with their interests. Lastly for exclusive American shows, check out this link.

What Films are on Netflix US but not on UK: FAQs


Are the US and UK Netflix same?

No. The UK is ranking at a position of fourth big Netflix library in the world, behind Canada. But when it comes to TV programs, the UK ranks second, while the US enjoys first position.


Does Netflix have similar movies in all countries?

Although Netflix is ​​available in many countries, the catalogue of shows and movies varies greatly from region to region. In addition to having a variety of topics available, some regions have very limited options. This is due to the various licensing agreements in each region.


Is it illegal to use a Netflix VPN?

It is completely a safe to use a Netflix VPN. However, Netflix does not allow the use of services that exceed the geo limits. The streaming service reserves the right to block a particular video. Lastly, it does not suspend any membership account.


What’s on Netflix in the UK?

There are a lot TV shows and movies available to see in the UK library. Here is some popular content like The crown, High blinds, Call a midwife, The Last Kingdom, Great British Baking Show, Behind His Eyes, etc.


How do I change my Netflix from the UK to the US?

This is very simple to connect yourself with another region. The complete details are given here

On the contrary, Open the app and sign in, then click List. Scroll to America and click to connect. Once connected, you should see a green pin on the map, and the power icon on the device at the top of the system should be green as well.

Now browse to Netflix.com and refresh the page. Then, sign in to access US Netflix and view as normal.



Netflix US is much bigger than the UK library. However, some of its binge-worthy films might be missing on the UK playlist. Therefore, start using a reliable VPN connection to watch all American content in the UK as it is tested and successful in unlocking all regional restricted sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. from any place in this world.

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